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House Extensions in Bromley | House Refurbishments & Loft Conversions | What Makes Our Services So Popular?

Are you looking at ways to add new living space to your Bromley home? Or do you need to breathe new life into a dated, stagnant interior design? When it comes to home development or improvement projects, there are many routes you can take. Popular options include house extensions, loft conversions and house refurbishments. As time-served builders, we provide bespoke building and joinery services. This allows us to deliver a high-quality build tailored to your exact needs.

Fairview Construction Team Ltd operates out of two London-based offices. Our South London base is in Bromley, while our North London premises is in Islington.

Below, we have looked at the benefits of customer-favourite property development and improvement works. For brevity, we have focused on extensions, loft conversions and house refurbishments.

The Appeal of Our Building & Joinery Services

House Extensions

The benefits of extending your house are well known. In fact, we cover most of these on the House Extensions page itself. These include adding significant resale value (up to, and often over, 20%), increased rental income with the addition of a new room, creating your dream kitchen and constructing a dedicated office space for a work-at-home role.

Of course, the primary benefit of extensions – much like loft conversions – comes in their ability to create new living space for your Bromley property. As with house refurbishments, our builders deliver an immediate improvement in your family’s quality of life.

There’s less competition for a single bathroom. Growing children don’t need to share a bedroom anymore. All your possessions find a new, organised home.

In short, an extensions spreads everything out – and life feels all the more peaceful.

Loft Conversions

With a full range of building and joinery services, our builders can convert your loft into a built-for-purpose space. Like house extensions, the primary benefit here is the creation of a brand-new habitable room. However, whereas extending eats into your garden, converting the loft of your Bromley home repurposes a structure that already exists.

This means you can retain your garden as it is. What’s more, you don’t have to contend with potential light loss on the lower floor either.

With less construction work overall, loft conversions are usually cheaper than extensions too. However, they do still require a sizeable investment, especially when compared to more basic property improvement works like house refurbishments.

Our builders can create a new room designed to suit your specific needs. With a relatively fast turnaround time too (between four-and-a-half to five-and-a-half weeks, design dependent), these conversions tick every box for many discerning homeowners.

House Refurbishments

Given their respective natures, refurbishing a property in Bromley involves a markedly different process when compared with works like house extensions and loft conversions. While the latter recruit multiple building and joinery services, refurbishments focus on improving aesthetics.

Whether your refurbishment takes place in one room, over a single floor or across the entire property, our builders bring new life and energy in line with your design aspirations. Most house refurbishments involve improvements in the decoration as well as retrofitting and equipping.

Refurbishing is particularly beneficial for landlords. When a long-term tenant moves out, painting and decorating – as well as an array of small upgrades – make rental properties much more appealing to prospective tenants.

This means you can maintain or increase your rental income and minimise, or eliminate, a period of vacancy.

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