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Loft Conversions in Islington | Choosing Between House Extensions and Converting Your Loft

There are numerous routes you can take when it comes to improving and developing your home in Islington or the wider London area. Which one you take depends entirely on your personal needs. For example, if your aim is to improve aesthetics or focus on major repair work, house refurbishments and renovations will tick every box. But if you want to add new living space, the two most likely options are house extensions and loft conversions.

The builders at Fairview Construction Team Ltd excel at both. Our company provides a full range of building and joinery services. This allows us to manage these large-scale projects from start to finish. As such, we’re well placed to advise which one makes the better fit for your needs.

The best solution depends on your property type and size, your lifestyle requirements and your design aspirations. Because no two situations are the same, we can only make a firm recommendation during a visit to your property.

Below, we have compared the merits of house extensions and loft conversions. Please note, these points are only a guide to get your journey started.

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House Extensions or Loft Conversions?

Should I Extend My Home?

The primary benefit of extending your home, as opposed to converting your loft, is the greater flexibility you have. When constructing an extension, our builders create a new space free of any pre-built limitations. This means you can avoid designing around sloping roofs and awkward angles. This is especially beneficial when you start choosing furniture and accessories for your new room.

You will face limitations about how far you can extend into the garden. In most cases, a simple single-storey addition will suffice. However, if you require even more space, you can also explore the possibility of creating a double-storey structure.

These larger house extensions usually don’t qualify as permitted development, so you will likely need to secure planning permission before our builders can get to work. However, the amount of additional space created over two floors is something loft conversions cannot achieve.

As Islington-based experts in house refurbishments, and with an array of building and joinery services to call on, Fairview Construction Team Ltd finishes your extension to impeccable standards. This plays a vital role in raising the market value of your home too. This increase can reach as high as 20%.

Should I Convert My Loft?

Much like single-storey house extensions, most loft conversions qualify as a permitted development. If your proposed conversion meets these criteria, you won’t need planning approval from the local authority before our builders start the physical construction work. It’s worth noting, if your project involves structural changes to your home’s exterior, or you need to raise the roof, you will almost certainly need prior consent.

Because loft conversions optimise a structure that already exists, they have a faster completion time and a lower cost than an extension. We utilise a wide range of building and joinery services to construct extensions from the foundations up. Naturally, this requires more time and more labour, both of which push your timescale and budget beyond that of a conversion.

If your home in Islington already has a small garden, or you simply don’t want to make any sacrifices here, converting your loft is the best way to add new habitable space. By building up rather than out, you maintain your garden and still enjoy all the benefits of increasing your home’s square footage.

Based in Islington and Bromley, Fairview Construction Team Ltd is the trusted choice for building and joinery services in London. In addition to house extensions and loft conversions, our builders also provide house refurbishments, property renovations, new builds and much more.

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